Cinch for legal

Why Cinch?

It can be a daunting world out there for employers. Fortunately, Cinch Legal has oceans of knowledge and experience to help you stay legally compliant, protecting your employees and the reputation of your business.

Our services include contract audits and representation at employment tribunals – plus a round-the-clock advice line to deal with employment issues the moment they arise.

We’ll also place your business one step ahead of health & safety legislation, allowing you to feel fully prepared, compliant, and confident of your employees’ welfare.

Legal support - HR/employment support

As well as the reassurance that comes from having legal experts on your side, you can benefit from:

* A 24/7 unlimited advice line straight to our qualified legal advisers to deal with any employment issue the moment it arises;
* Hand holding through any HR challenges you may face as a company – and bespoke letters to ensure you’re legally compliant;
* An audit of your contracts of employment and employment handbook to check they are up to date and robust enough for the nature of your business;
* An insurance-backed indemnity policy to protect your business against legal costs associated with employment tribunal litigation, and any awards or settlements up to £100,000;
* Our willingness to act on your behalf: from defending employment tribunal litigation or responding to correspondence from former employees or their solicitors, through to representation (if covered by our Legal Expense Policy); and
* A choice of contractual terms for retaining our expertise (we’re that confident you won’t want to leave us)

Cinch Safety

Continually managing compliance with health and safety legislation is a tall order for any business. With ever changing legislation and multiple layers of risk to identify and control. Getting the right advice and support is essential.

Cinch Safety is passionate about assisting businesses with reducing those risks and improving the wellbeing of your employees. We provide specialist health and safety consultancy support delivered by a team of experienced health and safety professionals. Our pragmatic approach is hands on and not off the shelf, we creat a solution that is designed for and specific to your business. Giving you peace of mind that you’re compliant.

We will build a partnership with you to support your business achieve health and safety compliance.

Legal Support - Health and Safety Support Services

In addition to the support and provision of health and safety policies, the following safety support options are available to your organisation:

* A 24/7 unlimited advice line straight to our team of health and safety professionals to deal with any health and safety enquiry / question

*Health and safety auditing, gap analysis and validation service to identify issues and the measures in place to control and manage risk

*Safety consultancy and on site assistance including development of risk assessments and attendance at safety committee / board meetings

*Safety training from accredited training such as IOSH Managing Safely to bespoke in house training

*Claims defensibility studies – assisting your business with identifying accident and insurance claim trends and providing advice on systems designed to defend claims

*Assistance with accident investigation and regulatory interventions such as HSE visits and fee for intervention issues and the issue of improvement / prohibition notices

*A choice of contractual terms for retaining our expertise (we’re confident you won’t want to leave us)

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