Cinch gain APSCo Trusted Partner status!

We’re delighted to announce our continued partnership with APSCo as we officially become an APSCo Trusted Partner. 

2021 has seen an increased focus on supply chain compliance and operational procedures and this latest accreditation on top of the information we make readily available to all clients further emphasises our commitment to compliance and best practice across the board. 

This process involved a rigorous assessment and referencing process as well as in depth audits against the FCSA codes by both Saffery Champness and JMW. 

You can read more about the process here:

On top of these external procedures we also provide a quarterly due-diligence report that is sent to all our clients containing:

  • Proof of VAT payments.
  • Proof of PAYE payments.
  • Proof of payment to our pension providers. 
  • Figures for accrued and paid holiday pay

Managing Director Sean White commented: 

I’m delighted to be continuing our relationship with Teri and her team at APSCo. I’ve always been hugely impressed with their work and commitment to improving the recruitment sector and those like us who supply in to it. We’re keen to ensure that we build on our work over the last 5 years to make Cinch a safe and compliant choice for recruitment agencies and this is the latest step on that journey. It’s especially rewarding knowing how rigorous this process has been, it certainly hasn’t been a “tick box” exercise! 

Feel free to contact our team on 0114 4789351 if you’d like to discuss how Cinch could support your business with any Umbrella, CIS or PAYE bureau needs you may have. 

Free yourself from the monsters of payroll! 

New Office = New way of working…

Like most businesses we’ve seen our fair share of change over the past 12 or so months, some good and some more challenging…! 

One of the benefits in our opinion the covid period has brought is putting an emphasis on personal physical and mental well-being. At Cinch, the management have always placed the wellbeing of our valued employees at the front of their minds and we’re glad to have been able to build on that in 2021 in 3 distinct areas! 

  • Launch of a physical/mental well being platform GoVida. 
  • Launch of a new flexible working policy. 
  • The company move to new offices. 

We caught up with a few of the Ops team to see how they have/are benefitting from the changes. 

How have you and the team settled into the new office?

(Abby Layhe): We have all settled in well and it almost feels like we were always here. I was worried that I wouldn’t like it as much as the old office, but I definitely like it more, there’s a lot more space and it feels more modern. And no one has managed to get lost trying to find us yet, which is always a benefit!

What do you like most about our new home?

(Abby Layhe): We have more space in this office, which means more opportunities to get steps in! It feels like a much better space to work, we had outgrown our old office, this one feels like a much better fit for us. Also, I no longer have to sit on my own!

How do you utilise the companies flexi-time policy?

(Grace Lebond): I utilise the flexitime policy to enable me to start work earlier which means I can finish earlier too whilst still working the same amount of hours.

What benefits do you feel this gives both inside and outside of work?

(Grace Lebond): I really benefit from the flexitime options as it enables me to work hours which suit my lifestyle better. It gives me more time to enjoy my summer evenings by completing live exercise classes which I would not be able to otherwise, and going on dog walks with my friends. I also think it benefits our contractors and clients somewhat as the office and phones are staffed over a longer period of time.

How have you found the first few months using GoVida?

(Mia Hinchliffe): Really easy to use, I like how it keeps track of your steps over the course of weeks, it’s not just strictly for each day. There’s also a variety of rewards to choose from.

Do you feel it has impacted how you manage your well-being and if so how?

(Mia Hinchliffe): Yes, I feel like the challenges are really good for encouraging me to go on longer walks to keep active. The fact that there is a leader board also motivates me to want to be close to the top.

We strongly believe that in providing a positive and active workplace can only be beneficial to our staff and in turn the business and we’re glad to hear that our team agree! 

If you want to work for a modern employer of choice in Sheffield, get in touch! 

We’re on the move!

In a few weeks’ time we’ll be settling in to our new office a few miles away from our current home in Sheffield.

Our new office will provide us with more room in these socially distant times while allowing us to grow our operations team as we continue to grow our client base!

The before pictures are above, be sure to check back in a few weeks and see the transformation!

If you’re in the Sheffield area after mid-March and would like to pop by for a Coffee and a chat about how we can help your agency grow, get in touch!

Introducing Natalie Thornley!

We’re excited to announce a new addition to our sales team, welcome Natalie! 

Natalie joins the team here at The Cinch Group looking to further add to our ever growing client base while ensuring we continue to offer the high service levels our agency partners have come to expect. Natalie joins us with a wealth of experience in the payroll sector and we can’t wait to see the results we know Natalie will deliver.

Natalie will be looking to offer agencies solutions in paying their Umbrella and CIS workers as well as consulting on IR35, Ltd company supply chains and invoicing/factoring solutions.

Get to know a little more about Natalie below!

How have you found your first few days?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first few days at Cinch! Everyone I have met so far has made me feel extremely welcome and I’m very excited to be a part of the team 😊

What are you most looking forward to?

I’m so glad to be back into the world of work and back into the industry! I am most looking forward to gaining my first deal and shiny new clients!

Why did you choose to join Cinch?

I chose Cinch because of how personable the company is and the level of service they provide. I also love the fact that they are a smaller team with many opportunities to grow with the business.

And finally, tell us a little about Natalie!?

I’ve been in sales all of my working life and I joined the umbrella world around 4 years ago. I absolutely love to travel, explore new countries and learn about different cultures. One day my dream is to live by the beach! I spend a lot of time with my family and friends. They are extremely important to me as well as my dog Jasper, who I love going on adventures with.

Director Sean White  commented “I spent a lot of time speaking with Natalie earlier in the year(Including a chat on a bench outside a pub in the freezing cold!) and from those conversations it was clear that she has a great depth of knowledge and expertise within the Umbrella/recruitment sector. She is refreshed and clearly ready to make a splash in the sector again. I have no doubt with our service levels and vast range of solutions to talk about and display to current and potential clients that Natalie will be a great addition to our team!”

Good luck Natalie!


Thriving in Lockdown !

We had a chat with one of our sales execs Darby Buck on how he’s thriving in lockdown!


It goes without saying that the last 12 months has thrown new challenges at all of us, some more severe than others. At Cinch we’ve tried to maintain a positive approach throughout, focusing on the future, how we come out of the pandemic as strongly as possible while being mindful of what is playing out across the country.

One of our sales stars Darby Buck has epitomised this by working hard while having to almost completely change the way he works, we caught up with him to find out how he’s getting on. He must be doing something right as he’s had a flying start to 2021!

How do you feel working in a sales capacity has changed in Lockdown?

Obviously, the lack of face to face sales opportunities is disappointing, I think everyone in the sales environment will agree that we are in this for the thrill and enjoyment of meeting new people and showcasing ourselves in the best way possible, which is always harder over zoom. However, it has certainly been interesting adapting to the new way of doing things, with client meetings over zoom and more prospecting phone calls than ever it’s been a real learning curve. It’s been super important to stay driven and focused, as there are opportunities out there to be taken!

How would you describe the recruitment/temporary sector at the start of 2021?

In what was initially a worrying time, it has turned out to be a very decent start. With the construction industry staying open, a sector in which Cinch specialise in and support many agencies across the UK, it meant there was always going to be opportunities just like before. It was certainly a bit stop start with the new lockdown, but I think opportunities are growing and more work is becoming available. If you’re an agency and you’re picking up on the temp side of things- give Cinch a call!

How are you communicating with clients and colleagues?

One of the main disappointments of this lockdown was not being able to see clients and colleagues over Christmas and New year. It’s always a great time to get around the country and thank my fantastic clients for their support throughout the year, unfortunately that wasn’t to be. However, I’m always on the end of the phone and all clients/ colleagues know that. Through zoom/teams and other social media methods we all manage to stay in touch and maintain the great relationship we have at Cinch!

When normality returns, will you be #teamoffice or #teamWFH?

I am 100% #teamoffice. Working from home is just not for me unfortunately, I can see why some people may enjoy that relaxed environment, but nothing beats being in the office with your colleagues.

Keep up the good work Darbs! We’ll look forward to you being back in the office, dancing around and distracting people! 

National Apprentice Week

As it is National Apprentice week, we thought we’d take the opportunity to celebrate one of the apprentices we have recruited here at The Cinch Group, our very own Mia Hinchliffe!

We have recruited using the apprentice route on numerous occasions with great success and Mia is certainly a great example of that, demonstrated by Mia winning the Cinch employee of the year in 2019!

We asked Mia some questions on here experiences over the past few year.

What first made you want to look at an apprenticeship?

  • After a few months at college I realised it wasn’t for me. I wasn’t happy with the courses I had chosen and had decided that I would prefer to learn whilst earning money at the same time.

Was working for Cinch while completing your apprenticeship as you expected it would be?

  • I feel like I had a lot of worries about not fitting in or being left to do loads of new work without any help or support but it wasn’t like that at all. I’ve been with Cinch for 2 years now and I’ve gained so many new skills and met so many great people along the way.

What are the main skills you feel you have developed?

  • Customer service, confidence and responsibility

What are your future goals?

  • I would like to continue to work with Cinch to explore a different aspect of the business (accounts), and hopefully pursue a career in that department.

Key Client Manager Annalise White commented on Mia and her impact at Cinch

“Mia has been working with us for nearly 2 years. She has become a very valuable member of the team. I am sure I can speak on behalf of all the team that she is a huge asset to the business. Nothing that you give to Mia is too much trouble. She certainly brightens up the office with her personality and is a pleasure to work with. She is sure to go far in her career with her positive attitude and her drive. I am looking forward to seeing her progression over the years to come!”

Construction Industry Output Continues to Increase

Following a steep increase in output over the summer months the construction industry continues to show steady progress in return to pre-pandemic levels. 

In September, the construction output increased by 2.9%, with both private housing and infrastructure exceeding their pre-COVID output levels. Other construction types are still yet to return to pre-pandemic levels, with public new housing still 29.4% below its February 2020 figures. But other figures are looking promising, with the commercial sector up 16% on last years Quarter 3 figures, and infrastructure and private industrial orders up nearly 8%.

Monthly Output % Changes

  • April -41%
  • May +9%
  • June +22%
  • July +17%
  • August +3%
  • September +2.9%
Construction output is still continuing to steadily increase