Please meet Grace Lebond, our Operations Director at Cinch!

Grace’s journey at Cinch has gone from strength to strength, so we thought it was her turn to answer our questions so that we could get an insight into her life! From university to a great experience in recruitment, Grace is not afraid of showcasing her drive and success!

Please keep reading to find out her answers to our quiz:

1. In a couple of sentences, explain your journey at Cinch?

I joined Cinch from a background in Construction Recruitment following the uncertainty of the pandemic. Cinch offered me the opportunity to join in an Account Manager role. I really enjoyed working with the team from day one, as I gained more knowledge and experience I progressed to Operations Manager, and then Operations Director. Day to day I ensure smooth running of the business, ensuring our high levels of service and communication are kept and we are running in the most efficient way possible to get people paid!

2. What is your biggest achievement at Cinch?

Definitely being promoted to Operations Director, it was a big step up in role and responsibility, which I have enjoyed taking on the challenges it has sometimes provided!

3. What is a usual weekend for you?

It can definitely vary, most of the time, especially in summer I love going on walks and picnics adventuring in the peak district and various other places. The longest completed so far was about 17 miles! However to balance that out I do enjoy having girly nights with my friends with lots of good food and wine (some times probably too much!).

4. Favourite film/tv show?

A guilty pleasure which I am constantly bullied for in the office is Coronation Street, I have even been on a tour of the street.

5. What is one embarrassing story you haven’t told anyone?

I can’t think of one specific untold embarrassing story as I am usually quite happy to share them haha! When travelling to my job interview to my job before Cinch I really was the victim of a series of unfortunate events. I crashed my car into someone else’s driving off my road, leaving my car in an undriveable state. I then tried running to the train station in the rain to catch the train, but got stopped at the railway crossing to see the train go past minutes before I reached it. Plan 3 was to call a taxi which did just get me there with 60 seconds to spare, but I didn’t forget to rip my skirt right up the back racing there. I arrived in quite a state of disrepair but nonetheless there, and managed to secure the job somehow!

6. Night in with a takeaway or a meal out in a restaurant?

I do really enjoy both, but I would opt for a meal out and make an occasion of it.

The Operations Team commented: “Grace is very good at keeping us in line to make sure we are maintaining our high standards at work, and always goes the extra mile to help us. She is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met. She is brilliant at her job and is always on hand to help if you are every struggling with anything in and out of work , you can depend on Grace for anything. She is also very good at organizing events in the office, whether it be nights out or our parties that we do in the office!”.