The Cinch’s Director’s Award this year is Tori Sutherland!

We are delighted to introduce Tori Sutherland, who recently won an award for all her hard-work and commitment at The Cinch Group. Tori has been working for us for a while now and is a very motivated worker. Her job role ranges from onboarding new workers to dealing with tax code changes. We are really excited for Tori’s future at The Cinch Group, and her diligence does not go unnoticed!

As usual, we asked Tori a few questions to get to know her a little more, please have a read below to find out her responses:

1. What are your day-to-day duties at Cinch?

My general day to day at Cinch consists of helping the operational side of calling new starters and ensuring their registered in time for their first payments and answering any general queries. More recently I have started helping input workers hours into the system and generating invoices for various clients. I also sort any attachments of earning orders, tax code changes etc.,  ensuring their inputted to the system correctly before payroll is processed.

2. What is your favourite thing about working here?

I love how friendly everyone is who works here. We all get along really well and have lots of laughs whilst getting the job done. I also like how each day is never the same which really makes the job exciting!

3. Can you remember a memorable moment whilst working here?

I have a few good memories such as winning directors award of the year, our summer party, and a few incidents where some people have fallen over in the office 🤣

4. Where would we find you at the weekends?

You can either find me being dragged to watch Sheffield Wednesday match with my boyfriend or at home in my pyjamas with a glass of white wine, face mask on and watching modern family.

5. Pint in the pub, or cocktail in a bar?

Pint in the pub definitely, to be exact either a dark fruits or a desperado

6. Any party tricks or hidden talents?

I’m quite a good cook, my famous dish is enchiladas with home made wedges

Operations Director Grace Lebond commented: “Tori has really developed over the last year with the company. Nothing is ever too much to ask of her, and she has taken on a lot more responsibility on the payroll side of things which she has really excelled in. She is very deserving of the Directors Award this year, and we are excited to see her progress further over the next year too”.