Monster Mind Teasers – Relive those childhood monster memories!

Relive those childhood monster memories with the Cinch Friday Quiz! Enter to win a cracking bottle of wine…

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1. Which man-eating monster with “eyes of flame” features in a poem in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass?

a) The Snark
b) The Bandersnatch
c) The Jabberwocky

2. What is the name of the shape-shifting monster in the Harry Potter series which takes the shape of the person’s worst fears?

a) Boggart
b) Grindelow
c) Changeling

3. How does Max conquer the fearsome monsters and become “king of all the wild things” in Where the Wild Things are?

a) He stares into their yellow eyes without blinking
b) He captures them with a magic lasso
c) He turns into a giant and eats them up!

Childhood monster memories

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