Cinch for existing contractors

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Cinch for existing contractors

Why Cinch?

Are you feeling the full benefits of contracting? Cinch will help you find the most tax-efficient way to manage your work. We can boost your take-home pay while relieving you of admin headaches. Think of us as your super-efficient ground control, enabling your career to rocket…

We know there are great benefits to contracting (more take-home pay, more flexibility) … and we also know about the headachy bits (tax returns, admin, daunting letters). Cinch is here to make your life easier. We get to know you and your work circumstances so well, you can pick up the phone, explain the problem and we see to it.  Just like that.

Want to take home more pay?

If you’ve been contracting for a while, have you thought about running your business through a limited company?

This is the most tax-efficient way to work as a contractor. You become a shareholder and director of your own company. You can draw on some of your funds as a dividend rather than being paid a full salary, so your overall tax burden is reduced (allowing you to maximise your earnings).

You exercise more control over your finances too. Your enhanced accountability means agencies may feel more secure working with you than with freelance contractors.

It does mean a little extra paperwork each month. But Cinch is here to help. We can handle everything from incorporating your new company through to completing your statutory returns for HMRC and Companies House. What feels like a headache for many people is a Cinch for us: talk to our friendly team today.


As you may know, the Construction Industry Scheme sets out the rules for how payments to you, working in the construction industry, must be handled. Cinch knows the CIS inside out – and how to maximise its benefits for you.

If you’re ready to start self-employed work in the construction industry, then Cinch’s CIS service is for you.

The advantages of being self-employed are multiple. You have a reduced National Insurance contribution and can offset allowable expenses against your tax liability – both of which mean more take-home pay. You can work on assignments for companies who would not contract with you directly (why not?).

With self-employment, of course, come tax obligations and paperwork. We know these aren’t everyone’s favourite pastimes.

But don’t worry – they’re a Cinch for us. As well as making the appropriate tax deductions on your behalf and keeping you in line with all current legislation, our HR experts and legal advisers will give you as much support as you need. Our role in life is to make sure you enjoy all the good things about being self-employment, with none of the payroll monsters to drag you down.