umbrella paye

What is it?

An umbrella company employs professional contractors who carry out assignments for recruitment agencies and / or end-clients.

What are the benefits?

You will receive full employment rights under PAYE. Cinch makes your Pay As You Earn (“PAYE”) and National Insurance (“NI”) deductions for you. Due to legislation Cinch’s PAYE umbrella service is the simplest solution for most contractors, as you have the flexibility of contracting with the security of being employed, so you still have access to a state pension, statutory sick pay, holiday pay and maternity / paternity pay. You can also access our employee benefit scheme ‘Cinch Perks’.

How does it work?

You will register as an employee under our umbrella, Cinch will receive your hours each week from your agency, deduct the taxes and forward the net pay direct to your bank account.

Cinch will text you your pay amount so you know what funds you will be receiving and will ensure you receive a weekly payslip showing all the relevant deductions.

For more information, say hi to the Cinch Team on 0114 478 9351 or