Cinch for recruiters

Why Cinch?

Let Cinch get your contractors up and running, while you focus on growing your business. Working in tandem with our employment law and HR experts, you’ll have lots more time and energy for placing candidates and sourcing talent. Don’t pedal on alone: we’re here for all the ups and downs.

By enlisting Cinch to get your contractors up and running, you’ll have lots more time for placing candidates, sourcing talent and growing your client list.  Treat Cinch as an extension to your company – and suddenly you’ve acquired a team of experts in umbrella and limited companies, accounting, payroll and contracting.

How we work

* A seamless way in to working with us
We work to your agency’s processes – rather than making you adapt to ours – so using Cinch feels effortless from the very beginning.
* Security and stringency
Our policy of verifying every contractor’s ID gives you peace of mind and helps to eliminate fraud.
* Easy compliance and best practice
We offer Agency Workers’ Rights (AWR) solutions, guidance and systems to keep you compliant (and minimise costs and disruptions through disgruntlement).
* Protection and insurance
We can help you mitigate statutory and professional risks to you and your clients.
* Fair margins
We don’t think it right to retain big margins from your workers’ hard-earned wages, so we take only a small fee based on their earnings.

How it works

We employ contractors on your behalf, making their employment status clear and easy to manage. When it comes to employment rights or tricky employer/employee engagement issues, the buck stops with us. You will always be compliant with Agency Workers’ Regulations, helping to minimise cost and disruption and ensuring your business is operating fairly as well as efficiently.

Our assurance to you extends also to independent audits and legislation surrounding managed service companies: we make sure they are simply never an issue to you.

We save you money and mitigate risk by providing Public & Employers’ Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance for the contractor. In the unlikely event that a claim is made, we manage it.

We shoulder the burden of admin for you by handling all payroll, tax and National Insurance paperwork, allowing your team to focus on winning new business.

For your self-employed workers who’d like to take the next step in contracting and set up their own company, our accounting team is on hand to give accurate advice about operating in a tax-efficient and compliant way. They’re happy, you’re happy – everyone wins.