As our clients will be well aware, The Cinch Group has undergone a bit of a face lift over the past 12 months. Founded on compliance in all areas of our operations, working with The Cinch Group means our agency partners receive excellent guidance and advice leaving them to focus on their own work safe in the knowledge they are working with a truly compliant partner. To further emphasise our commitment to compliance we are delighted to announce we have been named as an approved supplier by Professional Passport!

Group Managing Director Chris Robinson is proud the accreditation rewards our practices.

Professional Passport is recognised as the industry leading accreditation and reaffirms Cinch’s commitment to compliance throughout the supply chain. In an industry that is ever evolving and subject to close scrutiny from HMRC, we are proud of this recognition of the high standards that apply throughout our business

In an age where agencies are placed under greater scrutiny for how and from where their candidates receive payment, recruitment bosses would be well advised to ensure all supply chains conform with HMRC legislation, the consequences for non compliance seem to grow by the year!