We had a chat with one of our sales execs Darby Buck on how he’s thriving in lockdown!

It goes without saying that the last 12 months has thrown new challenges at all of us, some more severe than others. At Cinch we’ve tried to maintain a positive approach throughout, focusing on the future, how we come out of the pandemic as strongly as possible while being mindful of what is playing out across the country.

One of our sales stars Darby Buck has epitomised this by working hard while having to almost completely change the way he works, we caught up with him to find out how he’s getting on. He must be doing something right as he’s had a flying start to 2021!

How do you feel working in a sales capacity has changed in Lockdown?

Obviously, the lack of face to face sales opportunities is disappointing, I think everyone in the sales environment will agree that we are in this for the thrill and enjoyment of meeting new people and showcasing ourselves in the best way possible, which is always harder over zoom. However, it has certainly been interesting adapting to the new way of doing things, with client meetings over zoom and more prospecting phone calls than ever it’s been a real learning curve. It’s been super important to stay driven and focused, as there are opportunities out there to be taken!

How would you describe the recruitment/temporary sector at the start of 2021?

In what was initially a worrying time, it has turned out to be a very decent start. With the construction industry staying open, a sector in which Cinch specialise in and support many agencies across the UK, it meant there was always going to be opportunities just like before. It was certainly a bit stop start with the new lockdown, but I think opportunities are growing and more work is becoming available. If you’re an agency and you’re picking up on the temp side of things- give Cinch a call!

How are you communicating with clients and colleagues?

One of the main disappointments of this lockdown was not being able to see clients and colleagues over Christmas and New year. It’s always a great time to get around the country and thank my fantastic clients for their support throughout the year, unfortunately that wasn’t to be. However, I’m always on the end of the phone and all clients/ colleagues know that. Through zoom/teams and other social media methods we all manage to stay in touch and maintain the great relationship we have at Cinch!

When normality returns, will you be #teamoffice or #teamWFH?

I am 100% #teamoffice. Working from home is just not for me unfortunately, I can see why some people may enjoy that relaxed environment, but nothing beats being in the office with your colleagues.

Keep up the good work Darbs! We’ll look forward to you being back in the office, dancing around and distracting people!