The journey into Sales has started for India!

This week welcomes the turn of another one of our recent new additions India Headen. She is coming up to 6 months into the business and has took to her first role in the payroll sector extremely well. She now embarks on a career in our sales team where we look forward to seeing her grow into the role and become a real asset to the company.

These were India’s responses to our quiz:

1. You have recently come up to your 5 month anniversary here at Cinch, how have you found it?

I have loved working for Cinch so far, I’m still learning so much each day and just started my journey into the sales world! The team are so lovely and supportive, we always have such a laugh together!

2. The sales world often splits opinion, it is the route you have chosen with Cinch, what are your thoughts on the role so far?

From moving more towards the sales at Cinch, I have really learnt a lot. Progressively doing more and more each day and working alongside Darby is always a laugh. My favourite aspect of the role is going out and about meeting clients and having a good catch-up with them.

3. What is a usual weekend for you?

My weekends vary ha-ha 😊 I usually have a few glasses of wine on a Friday night or go out out with my boyfriend and housemate! I do enjoy a walk and a roast dinner as well on a Sunday.

4. Favourite film/Tv show?

This is a tricky one! My all-time favourite film is Silence of the Lambs ha-ha, but if I’m wanting something a bit easier to watch I’d probably say Moana or Cars!

5. What is one guilty pleasure of yours?

100% my guilty pleasure is One Direction! I just love them, and if they ever did a reunion tour I would definitely be there at the front row

6. Pint or cocktail?

Definitely pint in the pub, preferably in the beer garden with the sun shining and sunglasses on 😎

7. What is one embarrassing story you haven’t told the office?

When I worked in hospitality I once dropped a whole tray of Damm glass bottles in the middle of a busy restaurant. There was glass everywhere, beer everywhere! It was chaos! I was cocky and thought I would be able to carry them all to the table, and then one dropped and then they all went, very embarrassing!

Business Development Manager Darby Buck commented: “Sales is an extremely tough job at the best of times, however India has shown a real eagerness to learn and soak in all the information given. She shows signs of being an integral part of our sales team moving forward and I have no doubt there is a bright future for India here with us. We are all excited to watch India grow into her new career with Cinch, she has been a fantastic addition to the team!”