A warm welcome to the Cinch family, Brady Andrews!

We welcomed our newest member of the Operations Team her at Cinch last week, Brady Andrews! She has slotted in perfectly and we are delighted to have her with us. This is Brady’s first job in the payroll sector, but she has taken to it really well and already proving to be an asset to the team. We are so excited to have her at Cinch and looking forward to her future with us!

We had to ask her our ‘Meet the Team’ questions to get an insight into her life, and these were her responses:

1. Why did you choose to join Cinch?

I wanted to work in a fast paced, expanding and social environment and from my interview I knew working at Cinch would offer me that.

2. This is your first full week with us! How have you found everything?

I’ve had a really great first week. I feel like a sponge taking all the information in, but starting to put things into practice has been fun. Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful!

3. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m 29, the “Big 30” this year! I’m a mommy and my life pretty much revolves around my little girl. I love live music and love going to a gig! I’ve got 20% of a stomach😊 !

4. Pint in the pub or cocktail in a bar?

Cocktail in a bar! I struggled to find a picture without a cocktail in my hand😊. But I’m always up for the pub as well haha!

5. Where would we find you at the weekend?

If I’m not traipsing around a park, or farm, or zoo, I’m out out and dancing!

6. Do you have a party trick or a secret talent?

I have 3 party tricks! 1. the splits,. 2. Balancing a spoon on my nose and,. 3. Fitting my fist in my mouth!

Director Sean White commented: “Brady is the newest member of our team and it’s great to see how quickly she has settled in and the confidence with which she has approached the start of her career with us. I have no doubts that Brady will go on to be a valued member of the team that our clients will love and appreciate dealing with.”