Introducing Noemi Farkas, a hard-working member of the team at Cinch!

Noemi Farkas is a very loyal and hard-working colleague who is willing to help anyone whenever they may need it. She actually lives in Hungary and works remotely most of the time. Noemi always makes the effort to come to the Christmas and Summer parties and it is always a joy to see her and catch-up. We are so thrilled to have Noemi at Cinch and all her hard-work and commitment does not go unnoticed!

We asked Noemi our quiz questions, these are her responses:

1. What made you choose Cinch?

The position to interact with customers, they say find a job you enjoy, and you never have to work a day in your life 😊

2. What does your day usually look like in the office?

A lot of hugging as I mostly work from home ha-ha 😊 I work on the operations side, this entails contacting new-starters, sending out registration forms and answering customer queries. I also work in the hours department, this is where upload workers hours and answer any queries they may have.

3. What is your favourite memory at Cinch?

Our Christmas do! I have a funny memory of when we we’re taking a picture, a stranger photo-bombed our group photo. Still trying to figure out who he was 😊

4. Who is your celebrity crush? And Why?

Leonardo DiCaprio. I don’t think that needs explaining 😊

5. Takeaway on the sofa or meal in a restaurant?

A meal in a restaurant. Getting dressed up and having a cocktail is way more fun!

6. Do you have a secret talent or party trick?

I know all the lyrics to every Britney Spears song 😊

Operations Director Grace Lebond commented: “Noemi is an amazing asset to the team, she is hardworking , and is probably faster than the speed of light to complete things. If you need something sorting out you can almost guarantee Noemi has already done it! She has really taken a step up in assisting payroll with processing hours, and is keen to pick up more in the future which we are really grateful for. We really hope she is planning a visit soon as we miss seeing her so much!!”